You’re here! Finally, Yes!

Welcome to my lovely home here online.

You’re here. You made the first choice. Pretty simple, right? It’s that simple. You’re one step closer to the brilliant and amazing life you have always dreamed of, but didn’t know how to get. So, sit down, grab your coffee (latte, tea, cocoa). We’re going to get to it.

But, wait one minute, I haven’t told you the best part.

You are not here by mistake.

Part of the secret is, you are ready to live a life with fullness and joy. You are ready to make it happen, but. . .

You’ve been beaten down by all the drama of your kid’s stuff, the negative thoughts in your head that don’t serve you, not lovin’ on yourself, not gettin’ what you need from your man and not seeing God show up, and. . .and. . .

Since you are here, let’s get started. As your personal life coach, I’m going to show you how to get closer to the heart of God with every heart beat, who you are in Christ and how to live the life you’ve been called to live.

You have spent enough time thinking about how you want to live life. You are ready to LIVE it! With God!

With integrity, with boldness, with courage, with confidence with grace and beauty.

My mission is to show you how to walk & talk with God.

To show you who you are in Christ, and then, to live with amazing abundance and freedom!

The rest of the secret is this. Everything else falls into place. Seriously.

See, I told you it was simple, but you’re still saying to yourself, “How do I make this happen”? That’s where I come in. I’m Heidi Mize. I am your personal Christian Life Coach. You’ve never experienced accountability and growth like this.

You’ve tried other things before and it didn’t work. You didn’t see a difference. You haven’t seen your life in full color yet. You are still missing out.

The key difference is I show you how to immerse and integrate God into your life. Into every fiber. Into every fold.

You know where you belong and it’s working with me. You deserve this.

Ready for a real treat? Schedule your Complimentary 20 minute Clarity Call with me, right now.

This is where we start our journey.

You’re beginning to see that all things really are possible.

You don’t even realize how amazing you are, do you? As we walk and talk together and share our hearts, we will get you closer to the heart of God.

Need a refill?

Then, we start to work on your specific journey. To live in the fulness and joy of Christ. To live according to your calling with God.

Can you believe this is all free? That’s right! You’re worth it. Your life is already changing for the better, and you haven’t spent a dime. Do you feel that? Do you feel that hope of possibility?

To live according to your calling with God. To bring God’s solutions to your daily life.

You are successful, confident, courageous, bold and electrifying. You just haven’t figured out how to bring it out with God yet. He’s our Dad. He’s the real partner. You haven’t figured out how to walk and talk with Him yet.

Oops, now the biggest secret really is out. God is the ultimate partner.

But, I here you say, “I don’t know how to walk and talk with Him!”.

How do you walk with God?

Click here to schedule your Clarity Call with me so we can you get moving with Him.

We’ve been sitting a while, haven’t while. So, let’s schedule your 20 minute mini-session with me. We’ll talk and get you moving.

Won’t you feel blessed tonight when you lay your head down without regret because you took a step forward toward your heart’s desire of knowing God. Wasn’t that simple? It feels good, doesn’t it? You scheduled your first Clarity Call.

What can you expect from your Clarity Call? I will show you the map that you and God have together and how to walk it.

I’ve been waiting for you. You’ve been looking for me.

Here we are. . .let’s talk. Can’t wait. It’s time. . .

Love, In Christ,

Heidi (Your new bestie)