Helping Christian Women Define & Live Out Their
Unique Calling

"Sometimes you just need someone to walk alongside you"

Hey girl!

You made it! Nice job, treating yourself to some "YOU" time. Your time is valuable. Let's get right to it.

As a Christian woman, you want to live out your faith, right? I'm honored to show you the secret of seeing God in every moment of every day! You deserve the quality of life that is exceeding abundantly above all that you could ask or think! God has called you to live with Him. You've been wanting to move forward and see your goals and dreams become reality. 

​Have you been feeling a bit frustrated and stuck? Are you unsure on how to move forward and make traction on those amazing God given dreams of yours?

Do you need God more now than ever? Are you tired of going to bed thinking,

"I didn't do my best for Him today!"
"I didn't pray."
"I didn't read the Word."
"I feel like He isn't even listening."
"I'm not worthy, so why bother!"

Girl, we can turn ALL of this around. I promise.

Are young clear on what your values, goals and dreams are?

Are you tired of being "frozen" and are ready to LIVE LIFE?

Let's recapture who you are as a woman and a sister in Christ.

That's a good start, right?

I'm Heidi Mize.

I get you. I see you for your amazing self! You are like looking in a mirror at myself! You see, I was once that same sister in Christ looking for the answer to, "How to have an ABUNDANT life?" I felt deep in my soul that God had a bigger plan for me.

God's PLAN for me, IS YOU!

Yes, SERIOUSLY! God has great plans to prosper you and I know how!

I discovered how to reach dreams & goals and it began with my powerful walk with God. I'm excited to share it with you and take you places that you've always dreamed of and BEYOND!

I know you want to know how to live powerfully with your Heavenly Father. 

Together, I'm going to help you breakthrough and gain incredible momentum with exponential growth in all areas of your life.

So, are you ready my new bestie? Cause, I know you're worth it. God says so! You are fearfully and wonderfully made with the mind of Christ.​ 

Book your Complimentary 20 minute Clarity Call with me NOW! Go on. . . 

I'm tired of being without God in
every category of my life!

Dawn Heins
Reno, NV

As a personal growth lover, I have been so blessed to be coached by Heidi over the years. I came to her with a fairly sound understanding of mental renewal through other great programs and mentors, but lacked the discipline to make it a habit. Heidi’s sound, loving, true tenacity to study and teach and coach God’s Word helped me unleash my hidden potential to grow as a spiritual, mental and physical woman. Since knowing her, I have become extremely physically fit from doing no exercise to daily exercise in my forties. Wow! I’m currently in progression from blue belt to goals of black belt. She helped me to start living from love and getting away from fear. She’s a truly amazing, powerful coach. If you are humble to change and want deliverance, she’s your gal. I’m grateful for learning from her how God fits in all my details of life and I am a super conqueror!

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